Some of the toys my 18 months old loves

Melissa and Doug chunky puzzle:(vehicles and farm animals)

I introduced the chunky puzzles at 17months and he was throwing the chunks initially then he tried putting them in the board correctly.He then succeeded within a month’s time I introduced him the puzzle.

He loves it and it keeps him busy for atleast 30mins everyday.

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LEGO Duplo:

I gave him this LEGO duplo at his 17th month and I got it in a sale from toysrus.He still doesn’t know to fit all the pieces in their right place but he tries to do it.This keeps him busy for 10-15 mins everyday.

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Imaginarium 2 in 1 coloring and drawing board:

I got this in a sale in toysrus.This has introduced my baby how to scribble which is a milestone.He loves it and plays with it for 5-10mins.

Melissa and Doug stack and sort board:

I bought this after a friend’s recommendation on this product.

I give him this board alternate days and he plays with it for an hour as it interests him so much.He doesn’t know to sort the shapes yet but he stacks them which is good for his fine motor skills.

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2 piece puzzle:

I have just introduced these.

I give my toddler this puzzle everyday to make him learn to put pieces together but he just plays with them and doesn’t know the actual concept.I just do the puzzle myself so he will observe.I heard from my friend it helps if we do the puzzle and make them observe at this stage.

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Blocks :

You can buy any kind of blocks for your kid to play and I am sure he will enjoy it.My kid enjoys blocks and it was a gift and I forgot what was the product name.The picture is not the exact block we have.

you get blocks everywhere and almost every baby shop and toy shop.

Battat mini monster trucks:

Boys will love these trucks.My kid always carries a truck or a car while going out.He makes a driving noise and pretend play with the trucks.This was again a gift for his 1st birthday.

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I can’t find this one in India but there are other varieties of truck sets.

Fisher price Lion Walker:

This Walker has adjustments to make it a sit and stand type walker.Earlier my baby was using it as a stand type walker now he sits on it and pushes and plays with it.The walker also has songs and 1-10,colors buttons.

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Ball Set:

This was a gift and my baby boy enjoyed the football so much.He learnt the word ball and points to the ball when we ask where’s the ball.He plays in the park with the ball.

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