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1 year old daily schedule

Some moms might feel why to bother this much about sticking to a certain schedule everyday for a 1 year old.They are wrong in thinking that way.

Having a schedule really helps your child even at an early stage to devolop good habits of doing things at the right time plus you can also stay organised.

My baby boy is 17 months now and is following a different schedule but I thought of sharing what my baby’s schedule was when he was 1year old in this post.

I am a stay at home mom so I cook when he sleeps and typically my boy used to sleep almost 2hrs in the morning and 2hrs in the afternoon.So I finish all my household chores and cooking at that time.

ryan s chedule 1year old-page-001

I have already written a post on what to teach one year old and the link is below


click here to know what to teach a one year old

This is what I taught at 9am to my one year old since his 11th month.

I have an activity saucer and I put him on that and I take bath while he watches TV.

Baby einstein Rhythm of reef activity saucer


I used to play rhymes for him when he was 1 year old and strictly I play these rhymes only for few mins when I have to do something else.I always try to minimize screen time for my baby.

During free play I introduced Stacking rings, shape sorter at that age itself and now he is an expert at 17 months in staking the rings and sorting shapes.Initially he used to mouth the rings and just play with them then slowly he tried putting the rings in the stacker and now he has figured how to order them. I am now introducing colors while he stacks and shapes while he sorts by calling out color names and shape names.

fisher price stacking rings


fisher price shape sorter



Hope this was useful.

I will be sharing my 18 month old (11/2 year old)daily schedule soon.


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