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Grandma’s cold remedies for 1year old and above

I couldn’t post for the past two to three weeks as me and my baby boy were down with cold ,cough and fever.we did suffer a lot and I thought I will write a post on home remedies for cold.

Three simple cold remedies for toddlers and children:

1)sukku/dried ginger

Take a piece of sukku/dried ginger and scratch it on a stone or any hard surface so the sukku powder forms.

You can also use sukku powder.

Mix the powder with water and apply it on the baby’s tongue.

Sukku powder at

2) Thoodhuvalai powder:

Mix thoodhuvalai powder with water and give it to the baby in a syrup syringe or sangu(paal aadai).

Thoodhuvalai powder at


In a small vessel boil water to red hot and when the steam forms keep it on the floor and make your child inhale the steam.

The child will cry and make movements so make sure you hold him/her tightly.

Another method is

Switch on the water heater in the washroom and open the water tap.

As the room becomes misty with steam take your child inside and keep him/her inside the washroom for sometime.

Wishing your child wellness soon!!


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