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What to teach a 1 year old baby?

To start this post I would like to tell you that I have a 1 year old son(14 months old to be more accurate)and I started teaching him from his 11th month.He is a good observer and a listener when he is seated in his high chair.

Step 1:

Find a comfortable seating place for your baby(preferably a high chair/booster seat) and also for you.

This is very important as babies can be easily distracted.

Step 2: These are what I teach my baby boy.

Flashcards take about 10-15 mins.Reading a book takes 5 mins.Songs take another 5 mins.So basically you spend hardly 30 mins everyday.I sometimes skip these three and just give my baby the activity toys.


First words,

Numbers 1to 10,

Colors,(I just started with colors and there is great response.He points at the color chart I put on the learning wall when I show him the color flashcards)

click here to read more on Toddler Learning wall free printables

Shapes,(I haven’t started teaching shapes yet)

small case alphabet phonic sounds if you want to teach reading through phonics later.The reason we ought to teach phonic sounds first rather than alphabet sounds is that it helps in reading practice later.Alphabet sounds can be learnt through songs.

Start with flash cards with basic pictures and words.

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I am using the apple tree alphabet flash card and I show my son the picture side of it.I can’t find this in amazon I think I bought from a baby shop in India.

He has started to say ba ba for ball and points at his ball when I flash him the ball card.

He too smiles when he sees the cat card.

These are the materials I use.




After I finish with the flash cards I read him a book usually Brown Bear Brown Bear as I am introducing colors from last month.


click here to buy brown bear book in India


Read repetitively.Read the same book again and again so the baby catches the repeated words.

Some books my baby loved from birth to 12months…


Next we move onto various activity toys.

1)Stacking rings-This is very helpful to improve fine motor skills.I use fisher price brand but there are other brands too.we got our baby activity toys from toysrus and



click here to buy this in India


2)Shape sorter-My baby has just grasped the idea of this activity.But he is skilled in stacking the rings.


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click here to buy this in India

4)Pounding bench-This improves hand eye coordination.My son loves this.We bought it from ikea.


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Sing action songs that teach various things such as

old mcdonald-animal noises

Head,shoulders,knees and toes – body parts

five little monkeys – counting

I bought the teach my baby kit from target too.But I am not stuffing too much on my baby right now.If you would like to buy the kit there is the link below.


click here to buy teach my baby kit

click here to buy in India

please do comment and ask questions if you are not very clear with what I explained in this post





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