New parents

Color sorting through target shooting-Introduce concept of colors to 1-2 year olds

Materials needed :

  1. color papers/print outs of color papers(I have included free print outs)
  2. waterballoons for outdoor /building blocks for indoor /any toy which has exclusive color.For instance take a yellow truck which has no other color on it.

I used the  plastic easter eggs I bought last year for Easter egg hunt.

step 1:

Paste the color papers in a row on the wall.

you may do this outdoor or indoor.

Step 2:

Give your child the water balloons/color eggs/any colored toy and ask him/her to throw it on the matching color paper which is the target.

If your child couldn’t understand what you are saying please help him/her with sorting the colors and reaching the right target.

Step 3:

Don’t forget to appreciate your child’s efforts.

Download free print outs below:

yellow color

red color

green color

blue color



Priya Prabhu


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