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Feeding accessories for 1st year of your baby

Breast pump:

Medela pump in style advanced was the one I got for free from the insurance

Hospitals have the same and the accessories you can take home for free

feeding bottle:

Nuk newborn bottles set = 15$ approx


Philips avent anti colic bottle set

Make sure you use every bottle as one becomes old.

This will be enough for 6months till you solid feed your baby

Any cup and a small baby spoon is enough for solid feed.Dont forget the bibs.


If you are so protective you can choose a color changing spoon


Green sprout bibs are cost effective.They cost 15$ and there are 10bibs.

sippy cup:

The Philips avent hard spout sippy cup is the best.soft spouted cups too have chances of getting germ filled so transitioning to a hard spouted cup from a feeding bottle is necessary to avoid ear infections.

Click here to find Philip avent in India

snack catcher:

The munchkin snack catcher is worth buying to teach your baby to self feed snacks without making a mess as this is spill proof.

Click here to find snack catcher in India

Philips avent microwave sterilizer:

I invested in this one as my son had ear infections and he was bottle fed.Its useful to sterilize if your little one often falls sick.

Click here to find microwave sterilizer in India

Booster Seat:

I too have a booster seat and found it very useful even after feeding as I teach my baby while he sits on it.

Click here to find the seat in India

I think I have covered everything you need the first year.If I have left out anything please remind me to add in your comments.

Thank You!!


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