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Simple one day Babymoon ideas-India and USA


Second trimester(4th-7th month of your pregnancy)is a blessing and is the right time to take a babymoon trip.

With my first pregnancy my 5th month was in fall season so we decided to see the fall colors in Catskill mountain railroad,Newyork.It was a one day trip and was awesome.We reached there in the afternoon and caught the train.The ride was wonderful.Took some cool pictures to treasure.

If you are in USA you can search for great baby mooning places to visit which are Zika free in the following website


My sister recently got married and the newly wed couple had a one day jolly trip to Dakshinachitra in chennai.She said she made a pot in a pottery shop there for Rs.35 and the shopkeeper let her have the piece she made.while you are pregnant it’s a cool idea to make a pottery and have it as a momento.There are a variety of shops from different states of India in Dakshinachitra and a visit to this place is pretty inexpensive.And you can also visit with an older child too.

I am adding a link below of this place in below:


I am planning to add more places you can visit during your pregnancy in India and also in USA.


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