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Baby shower budgeting tips


Baby showers are usually hosted by friends or sometimes relatives.

But in India the host will be the mother of the mom to-be  as the mom to-be is sent to her mother’s home during her pregnancy for her own comforts at that time and delivery also takes place at her home town.So my mom will be hosting mine even here in USA.she will be here in the last month of pregnancy and I am excited that I get to taste her food after about a year.I did miss her during my pregnancy all these months though my husband was such a blessing and a great cook too…;)

Whoever is hosting your baby shower will surely have a budget and my mom was new to USA so I helped her out in researching about items and buying baby shower stuff within her budget.Her budget included some stuff she brought from India so I will just be discussing what we purchased here in USA and I will add some tips on alternatives for items.

I will also include some other items you can afford and their reviews if your budget is less or more than our budget.

Our budget was very less.It was 500$ and 10 invitees.

1)Banquet hall(probably it will cost you around 100 to 200 $ in Newyork).We did it at our house so it costed us nothing.


There is a whole sale online store for decorations at lower cost than other party stores.

click the link below

you can also do some dollar shop decorations with DIY POMPOMS and FANS.

My baby shower:

My baby shower was a simple one.My mom brought bangles,snacks and sweets from India and my husband bought cupcakes for around 50$and a cardboard cup cake stand for 10$.

We ordered the decoration kit from whole sale party supplies and it costed around 70$.

We invited just 15 people and it was awesome.

This was a customized favor bag sticker we got from whole sale party supplies with our names and thank you note to the guests printed on it.


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