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First birthday decorations

we recently celebrated my son’s first birthday so I thought I will share a post on the decorations and other stuff you need to throw a birthday party.


This was the exact decoration we did for our son’s birthday as we did everything at the last moment.All of the decors were bought from party city.The decoration took just 10-15 mins to set up and it costed around 70$-80$.We couldn’t buy the decorations online in whole sale party supplies on time and I am sure it would have been cheaper there.I recommend whole sale party supplies site if you plan ahead on time.

The above theme is farm house fun.My son loves the old mcdonald song so we decided to dress him up as a farmer and celebrate his birthday with this theme at a banquet hall.

we got the photo cake from coldstone.After we ordered one of our friend said how he used the gift card purchased from sam’s club for coldstone bakery to save big on his son’s birthday cake.May be next time we would do that.The cake was vanilla cake with waffles, pecans,white chocolate and vanilla ice-cream.It was one delicious cake.


we had one game each for children and adults who attended.My friend vaishali conducted the games.The games were tail the donkey for children and garlanding your spouse for adults and my friend did all the work.Thanks to her.


We also had a small celebration at our house with only three of us and the theme was safari animals.

The cake and the decorations costed 45$ for the small party.The cake was from coldstone and was yummy.




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