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Some books my baby loved from birth to 12months…

Good night moon was one of my son’s favorite books.I have been reading this book right from his first day home from the hospital.He loved seeing the pictures and turning pages from the time he could sit(around 7 months).Now he loves looking for the mouse in each page and it excites him every time (now he is 12 months old).

Good night New York city is another one of my son’s favourite books.As my son was born in Newyork I bought this for him when he was 3 months old and I used to lie down beside him and show him pictures describing every place in Newyork.When he could sit I made him sit on my lap and with exclamations and happy tunes I read the book everyday and now he loves to turn pages by himself and it keeps him entertained always.

I bought the story of Jesus book in sam’s club.I would say Sam’s club is great place to buy books and online shopping of books walmart and target are great.My son’s first bible was this book.He loves it so much that it got so worn out.

First 100 words by priddy baby is the best book to teach your toddler his/her first words.Its cost effective and its smaller enough so your toddler can hold the book in his/her palm.

Atleast one touch and feel book should be there in your baby’s book collection.My recommendation is this one.

I am right now using the Dr.seuss’s ABC to teach my toddler phonics.He has just learnt to say  a..a…a…b…b…b…p…p…p. I will be writing a post on how to teach phonics later in this blog.

My son loves Mr.Brown can moo book so much.There is no right time to introduce animal noises to a baby.Every baby loves to giggle and laugh when adults make funny animal sounds.And by reading this book you entertain your baby as well as encourage him/her to read along.

Brown bear Brown bear is  a book for toddlers and my son is currently interested in this book.The book can be used to teach colors.It is a great book.

I bought the Naisha book collection in India.These books are great.The books have lots of bright colored pictures and repetitive words so your toddler will pick up the words soon.My son loves looking at the pictures as he just turned one year.He hasn’t said his first word yet.I encourage mothers to buy this book.Its a good one.


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