New parents

How to raise a little book lover?

I myself is an oracious reader and I read a lot of baby books during my pregnancy and I was tracking my pregnancy every month by reading a book called “What to expect while expecting”.I would say that’s a great book to read during pregnancy.As for me I skipped the last few chapters on labor as I don’t want myself to be overly prepared for labor and delivery.

Some scientific facts say the baby will get some of the habits of the mother which she does during her it’s simple,if you want your baby to be an Oracious reader you be one.

1)Indulge yourself in reading good books,listening to nice music during your pregnancy.

2)Read to your baby while he/she is in the womb.The baby can hear you.sing songs too.

3)From birth read to your baby.The book “Good night moon” is a good start.

4)show pictures to your baby when he /she is 2-7 months

5)when the baby can sit read books repetitively making him/her to so on your lap.

6)The baby will be fond of certain books by now .Read those book repeatedly so he/she can grasp words.

7)when the baby plays scatter books all around him so he/she plays with books too.The baby will turn pages and look at pictures.

This post is just to raise a book lover.I will be writing a post on how to make your child read at an early age.


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