New parents

Some of the Toys My Baby loved till he was 12 months old

Baby Einstein take along tunes:

This is one of the best toys I bought for my newborn son.He is 1 year old now and still doesn’t get bored with this toy.Specially this toy is a life saver whenever he cries due to boredom in the car seat and stroller and the tunes keep him entertained while the lights are useful during the night drives.10968045.jpg

Baby Banana brush teether:

This is the best teether I would say to any mom in search of teethers.My son loves this teether and rarely he will keep it down.15993444Bright starts giraffee teether:

This teether is another cost effective toy.I bought this when my son was 3 months old and

Bright starts take along carrier toy(car seat toy):

This is another toy that always keeps my son entertained during our drives.He likes pressing on the nose of the tiger which is a light button for music.And there is a mirror in it too.


Bruin Baby’s first band xylophone:

My son loved this toy when we saw this first in my friend’s house so we bought one for him.He occasionally bangs at the piano keys and seldom uses the xylophone.


Fisher price stacking rings:

I bought this when my son was 6 months old.He was a little slow in learning to use it the proper way.He just got fond of one of the rings and wouldn’t let go of it.Now he is 12 months has learned to put the rings into the stick.He gets excited when I fetch him this toy for him to practice stacking.So I conclude that you can but this toy for a 6 month old and the baby would definitely love the rings in that age and later he will learn to stack and play.


Fisher Price Shape Sorter:

I bought this when my son was 8 months old.He just like to hold the shapes and little by little I taught him to pick and drop the shapes removing the yellow top and now he is 1 year old he loves to pick and drop though he hasn’t learned to sort the shapes he just tries putting into the provisions.


Leap Frog Alpha pup:

I bought this at a sale when my son was an infant.He still loves to press the buttons for narration and songs.This was a very useful purchase.


Laugh and Learn counting with puppy book:

My son has loved this book from his 5th month till now.He is a little book lover and this musical book is a favorite toy of his.


Fisher price pop up toy:

This improves fine motor skills.My son loves this toy so much.


Bruin 9 piece farm animals set:

I bought this for my son when he was 11 month old.I am teaching him animal noises and absolutely loves this set of his barnyard animal friends.



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