New parents

My savings with 2016 Black friday baby deals and the baby items list

1)Travel system(stroller & infant car seat)


We decided on the  Britax 2016 B-agile stroller/B-safe car seat travel system few weeks before the black friday after we visited the buy buy baby store to see how well we could handle the stroller and saw the quality and safety of both the stroller and car seat.We checked on few other strollers and found this particular one is easier and meets our needs.

So I was looking for deals on this travel system on black friday and I found a good deal in Kohls.All you have to do is

1)Type the name of the stroller in google search.

2)The black friday deals will be shown for each store.

3) choose the lowest deal.

4)Dont forget to compare the shipping fares and taxes once you add the item in the cart.Compare with the other stores too.(I thought amazon had the lowest deal but when i added to the cart there were other extra costs and the total amount was higher than in Kohls)

The rate of this travel system today in amazon is 406$ and in Kohls is 404$.Any guesses how much I saved in buying this stroller?

I bought it for 321.22$ and saved around 80$.

This deal has high chances to be repeated every black friday so you just have to look out for it and Though this 80$ may seem very little but you will be really surprised how much I saved on total by looking out for deals in  all these months of my pregnancy.

The original price amount of all the items I bought till now is 1228$ and I spent 676$.

2)Graco cuddle cove Elite


I did the same research on this one too.We visited the store and checked the bassinet but ordered it online with black friday deal.

As we live in Newyork apartment we have to go with this kind of bassinet due to space constraint.But we were considering a crib (sorelle convertible crib 179$ which was sold at 99$ black friday deal in babiesrus this year) and my friend who had a baby recently said that we definitely need something like a removable sleeper or small bassinet which can be placed in an accessible place for midnight when seeing this bassinet which has a removable sleeper, bassinet, changer,storage shelf for diaper caddy stuffs and a play yard when the child grows we were convinced this is it for now and we can update it to a crib later.

The rate of this cuddle cove today in babiesrus is 189$ without tax & shipping and I bought it in target for 152$  on black friday online deal including all tax and shipping.

These are the two baby items you will be spending the most.The other items you might spend more are:

1)Bath tub(MUST HAVE)

2)Rocker(might need it later and I hear from parents babies enjoy it)

3)baby monitor(may or may not need it)

4)diaper bag(MUST HAVE,invest on a good one )

5)breast pump(most insurances provide a free one)

6)feeding seat/high chair(you won’t be needing it right after the baby is born)

7)play gym(back in India,the babies are put down in a mat so the shape of the head is perfected as he/she grows and I consider this an essential but opinions differ)


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