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The blog has everything baby related from baby shower to teaching your baby. I enjoy motherhood so much.someone once said “Having a baby doesn’t actually make you a mother.Its just like having piano and not knowing how to play it”.Mothering a child needs commitment. Thank you for visiting my site and please do leave your comments and suggestions.

Grandma’s cold remedies for 1year old and above

I couldn't post for the past two to three weeks as me and my baby boy were down with cold ,cough and fever.we did suffer a lot and I thought I will write a post on home remedies for cold. Three simple cold remedies for toddlers and children: 1)sukku/dried ginger Take a piece of sukku/dried … Continue reading Grandma’s cold remedies for 1year old and above

Toddler Learning wall free printables

Toddler learning wall is an easy learning method to refresh your toddler with the basics by walking your toddler every morning through it. Its easy to create one. You just have to take the print outs and stick it on the wall and you can teach your toddler using the wall every morning as a … Continue reading Toddler Learning wall free printables

Mouse in the House activity

This is a simple activity that would definitely interest your 2-4 year olds. Materials Needed: 1.The following print out: mouse in the house pg 1 mouse in the house pg 2 2.sticky note/post-it Step 1: stick 6 post its hiding the colored houses on the first page of the print out Step 2: Cut out … Continue reading Mouse in the House activity

Object permanence activity

This is a very simple activity I learned in a teachers workshop. Materials needed: Aluminum foil Any toy in your kids collection Step 1: Wrap any number of toys your child is familiar with aluminium foil. I used a truck,a ball and a ring Step 2: Ask your child to find out what's inside.Ask him/her … Continue reading Object permanence activity